Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"


really good game, and more fun with the harder AI. The possibility to play user created maps is awesome and makes for some hard gameplay sometimes. Has anyone solved this one? http://w w w .gamezhero.com/online-games/strategy-
games/tentaclewarsthepurplemenace-gam es.html?level_id=d4f985550189ac107c0d b6a817ff533b (just remove the spaces)
ps the next step is to make it a multiplayer game! :)

It was pretty good.

Overall, it seemed as if there was a bit of a difficulty curve. The difficulty seemed to peak around level 10.

It was pretty challenging, made me think. There were only a few levels where I was absolutely stumped. Not many, though. I only had to retry a certain few levels maybe once or twice, but overall the difficulty sat at a nice eight out of ten.

Good game.


The first one was a bit harder than this, but still fun.

A great sequel to a yet even greater line of games

This game is, strategic, energetic, adaptive and all round, generally fun.
You can feel sure that you have my 10 stars, 5 vote and a favorite.
Well done, gamezhero you've brought a great game to a great site.

BTW, map anyone? http://www.gamezhero.com/online-games /strategy-games/tentaclewarsthepurple menace-games.html?level_id=192ff58e80 285d446addac216c66eee4


I have to agree with everyone else, its really fun but a bit hard. I gott stuck on lvl 12...