Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"

Loving it.

It's a great sequel to a great active strategy game. I love the boosted difficulty with the purple microbes, and the level editor is also a big plus.


Even better than the first one!
Loved the "medal picture".

"This has potential as a smartphone app." [2]

problem! other than that its the bomb!

i have a problem i have beat the game and it did not give me all the medals. It gave me 14 through 20. please help me. If you go look at my medals you will see i have the last 6. I still gave the game a 10 i love it and the first one. beat it to. hope to see more of these games they are the best. all and all fix the medals or whatever the problem is and its the best game ever. i reset my cookie and cleared everything i could so it not the computer with the medals sorry.

Great sequel except,

this is a really good game, it improves on the first in many ways, improved A.I and a level editor but it feels more like TW 1.5 or something. half of it felt more like a tutorial all over again instead of "Youve done this all before". All and all however, it is really a great game. im looking forward to seeing a Tentacle Wars 3.



If you can think, you can beat