Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"


Not just one of the best games on newgrounds, but one of the best around, period! You gonna update the shared levels anytime soon? I pitched a few and wanted to get some feedback. Thanks!

almost perfect

great game i love it but i cant seem to get past lvl 9 other than that perfect good job i love it and ty for lvl editor awesome

it is good but

hey man its good but the bad thing is that after level 10/11 it gets boring and hard

bit boring

this game is fun but after about the tenth level it get so boring

One word.

Very addicting game.
The difficulty was good and the concept is great.
Only minus is that i think there is not enough stages X3
I hope your gonna make a new one with even more stages.
Could use a whole day and play it like 5 times.