Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"


Can't ask for a better strategy game, well done

Oh jeez you got me hooked

I'm always looking for new strategy games and this one is ace. I love the concept and really dig the look and feel. Keeps me entertained for quite awhile.

Excellent game.

Graphics were balanced well enough that it looks good without lagging. The effects were nice for seeing when a tentacle was being extended, same with the flow of power through a tentacle.
Gameplay is nice and smooth still. It was nice to see tricks (like cutting tentacles to send a burst of power) explained to people this time, as they're essential to winning some levels.
The difficulty curve, as in the first Tentacle Wars game, seems a tad erratic. Level 10 for example, was one of the most difficult levels in my opinion, simply from the amount of speed needed. Some later levels needed more strategy, but, I found the speed factor to be less punishing, making them easier. There are also some levels in the second half that are very easy.
The level editor is a nice touch, and while the UI was a tad clunky, wasn't enough to be more than a minor annoyance, and didn't detract much from the feature.
Playing shared levels on the other hand, is more than a little annoying. To begin with, not being able to re-order the shared levels means the earlier they were made, the more they get played, regardless of the quality of newer ones. Then, once a level has been chosen, it takes you to an external site, a minor annoyance. Before the level will load, there's a chance you'll need to watch an advertising video, another minor annoyance (albeit an understandable one, websites and flash creators need revenue). Then, we need to hope the chosen levels loads - a few that I tried to play presented me with an error saying something had gone wrong, meaning I had to reload, watch the advertisement again, and hope it loaded - another minor annoyance. Three minor annoyances put together makes the feature as a whole, a major annoyance, and one people wont appreciate.
Overall, the game is great, the things I mentioned weren't enough to stop me from giving you a ten. Definitely going to play the next TW if there is one, and recomending this one to my friends.


Very fun and addictive game, keep me occupied for a while


i give it a 8 because zone 6 i kept clicking my embryo to help the other one but it did NOTHING after it turned into a pulsar i couldnt even click it