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Reviews for "Turtle Girl"

it's ok

it started out fun, but it gets too hard towards the end, the controls are too annoying to use while being attacked by 5 or 6 different enemies. I also find that you lose health very fast and some buttons take a few seconds before they actually work like the shield. At the end it was basically just "death" then "continue" over and over, if you're going to make a game where you can just continue where you left off, why not give the girl more health instead of just doing that every five seconds?


A very interesting style of shooter, with a fun theme to it. A little slow-paced, though.

Not bad at all.

Cute and simple. I like.:J Maybe make it slightly more difficult by giving set ammounts of ammo that can either be bought or earned?

Turtle Girl

Turtle Girl is a pretty weird game controls get easy to use but the story is pretty lame in a way. I think the actual game could have been better. If you use the rocket launcher it won't kill a old lady in one hit, I understand that but come on I don't think it takes 3 hits with a rocket launcher to kill some buddy. 4/10 2/5.


Not great though.
It lacks replayability, and it's hard to feel very threatened by much of anything if you just max out health regen and sniper.