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Reviews for "Turtle Girl"


i killed the boss with a special atack!!

could use some work

dont get me wrong its fun but you could have more types of enimies and well more options but overal good game i enjoyed it but good art and voice to it so keep it up


You definitely got the memes in there lol. The game has a very fun feeling, and you have all sorts of weapons in your hands starting from the beginning. There is something I've noticed, and in the shop, it says you can upgrade the machine gun. But the machine gun's symbol really looks like an AK-47 or some other assault rifle. What I'm saying is that the art doesn't really represent a heavy looking machine gun. Great fun game though.

Good, but one problem.

At various points, it would keep me moving despite the fact I wasn't pressing D. This got especially problematic when I got stuck continually moving forward into two aliens, two helicopters, three pirates, and a swarm of planes. I ended up dying two times because of where it finally did stop before I had enough "Special" to actually get rid of them.

It happened again, at the end. But luckily I had levelled up the Machine Gun enough by that point to just spam-attack everything that came my way.

But such a glitch seriously took away from my view of the game.

Just one thing...

There ARE only two things she likes.