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Reviews for "Turtle Girl"

Pretty nice

I's fun for a real short time and I have to admit that the awesome face and Lazor references not quite fit.

Just for an Awesome Face wouldn't I give it a good rating

pretty good

it seems to lack some comedic value in it.
gameplay is fun
level design is fun ( awsome face)
and the concept is pretty funny.

To easy...

This game was to easy and way to fast. I beat this game 1 try and didn't even have to try. This needs more difficulty levels and a way to transfer the weapons upgraded into arcade. Plus I think it's pretty stupid to give the player every gun to start with that also makes it to easy. My biggest complaint though was the fact that the machine gun was like an all in inclusive weapon. Don't get me wrong I love to fire mass amounts of bullets at high speeds towards enemies, but the machine gun shouldn't fix all my problems. To tell u the truth the thing I really liked about this game was the beginning art work and story telling which had great promise of story and epic game play. But this this game is a pretty epic failure from my point of view. Sorry this is just to lame. 8-(

good game

fairly addictive, and fun. i like that pirates were a threat before ninjas haha

Pretty Good

There were some control flaws with the 'd' key moving forward, and I thought the boss's tentacles were overpowered and that if you didn't invest in health regen, you were screwed for that battle. But those things aside, it was a good game.