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Reviews for "Turtle Girl"

graet game

really good job on the game hope you think of making a nother one

Not good

For one like the last guy said there is the almost invincible formula plus you cant get all the way through the game without dieing because of the boss.

Good, but too easy.

Upgrade your life regen and you are invincible (except to the boss, but with ok reactions you can black all his attacks easy with the shield) Upgrade the machine gun and you can kill anything easy.
^with that formula this game is too easy...
But fun nevertheless! :)

Quite Fun!

I didn't have any problems that the people before mentioned. The shield isn't needed at all until you fight the boss at the end. For people needing help, just upgrade your pistol and shield to the max. If you have any left over, put it all in grenades and use them sparingly.

it was ok

i found the controls a little complicated but i disagree with the guy below me in that i did not die during the entirity of this flash.

so heres my tip/what i did:
- just upgrade your rocket launcher and health regeneration, then just fire your way through it, while stopping alot.