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Reviews for "Turtle Girl"

Love it!

I like the crazy laser beam haha "I'M FIRIN DA LAZA!" lol

great game! but...

great game but for some strange reason the turtle wont stop walking, it just goes on and on while im not pressing D...

Omg I loved it!!

What a sweeet ass game. Amazing music, visuals, smooth gameplay, upgrades and weapons, what more could one ask for!? Well done :)

Fun game

Good music, nice graphics, but as most stated, too easy, and not enough variety.

To the guy below who said that it is unrealistic....you do realise that you are on newgrounds, right? jeez

Great idea but just too simple

It's a lovely concept for a game, with a relatively unique twist in the slowly-riding-your-turtle-to-the-righ t mechanic. The art is nice, the sound's not bad and it's very well put together.

However, as has been mentioned, it's let down by the fact that (a) it's just too easy; and (b) there's no incentive to use more than one weapon!

I'd suggest:
* tweaking the enemies to increase the difficulty somewhat - giving them more life (but making some of them slower perhaps) might do it;
* making the weapons progressive, such that you only start with your basic pistol and grenades and have to unlock each new weapon at a particular price point or number of kills or some such; and
* varying the damage done by certain weapons to certain enemies somewhat, perhaps.

This could be a really great game with just a couple of tweaks!