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Reviews for "Turtle Girl"

very good game

its a great game, i agree that its simple, but i dont believe that hard games = fun, all the time anyway. this was easy but it was fun. and im laughing at the special power =P good job!

fucking brill

did niot expect what i saw

brilliant game, great references, well executed, very much looking forward to seeing more .. :)

Good game

It was actually really fun to play. I liked how the special was a gigantic beam that killed everything on the screen even if the beam did not touch them. The main issue would be that the game is very short and really has no replay value. I found that all you needed to win easily was to fully upgrade the regeneration and pistol. The pistol with maximum stats can kill any enemy with a few shots, with the majority dying with three. Another problem was that it is easy to exploit the last boss for points. All you had to do was get to the point where it starts to throw things at you. If you shield before the object hits you, it will count as a kill and thus increase your multiplier and score. A lone tentacle will pop up if its health is too low, so if you want to exploit the game get it down to the point where it starts to throw and no less. I exploited the fact that it counts as a kill to get the special and then lowered it's health to the point where it would be killed with the special and then finished it with the mega beam. I thought that really made it epic. All in all, it was short-lived fun. This game didn't last long and was too easy for me.

I'm going to need surgery...

...To get this euphoric grin off my face.

The whole gaming experience can be summed up in just three words: Gurgling. With. Ecstacy.

Cute, fun, solid gaming experience from beginning to end. Awesome job, fellows! Props to Mike for the scrumptious narration in the beginning.

Interesting but redundant

It's cool at the beginning, but then you just die, reset, and walk ten feet, until you die again. I died nearly 100 times... or something like that.
The shop should open instantly.
Also, tell armor games that someone's hacking the score thingy. They've set it to whatever the hell the largest int type value is.