Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"

Old-School Madness

Very fun and chellenging game, i like the old style side scroller feel on it

Prettty good

Good graphics, great music, creatve story, but i got glitched at one time where i spawned just above a hole and it spawn killed me... it was a bit childish too, but still, great game


Kinda reminds me of Dale & peacot. I like how theres lot of secret treasure to find and a great plot to the story, but it would be cool for the treasure would be wepons or new clothing.


good game. my only problem is that when u get hit u shud get a little time of invulnerability if not u lose an entire life when u touch the things that drop down because they combo u to death


There are lot of secret stuff here, like it.
Also lvl with a lot of death holes was a real hell!