Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"

I would've bought this for my MegaDrive.

definatly one thing mega drive games lacked though was the replayability of achievements. Brilliant fun, am struggling though this game with adequate difficulty.

Simplicity is golden.

While I was playing this, I couldn't help but think this game would be right at home with 8-bit graphics and sound on an old NES system. The game really captures that fun well paced simplicity that you found in those old games, minus the difficulty. I had fun time playing this game, the only reasons I gave it a 9 out of 10 are due to small complaints; the melee weapons were much more fun than the guns, which doesn't seem right in a western themed game; and the game was much too easy. All those being said, still go out and play this game.

ok game..

levels were often repetitive and it wouldve been nice to have slow+heavy/fast+weak attacks for variation. in addition parts of the music that was always playing sounded like the Teen Titans theme song.


Should exist an itouch/iphone version


its an ok game but its VERY similar to the game "gunbot"