Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"


A lot of passage, weapons, gadget. I like it!


cool. Lots of things to do

Golden Glove, Boxing!

That was the intro song, right when you pressed play.
I remember it from years ago...
Damn, nostalgia.

Well done and thank you for this game

The ONLY game on the front page of new-grounds that I can give a good review.

well done Flipline Studios!

This is a really good game and i honestly think that this game could make alot of income if it was ported onto the console... about now the ds/ps would be appropiate. Ive played a lot of games on real consoles which are much worse than this. I really cant work out how you have made this a free game on the internet as clearly a lot of time has gone into the gameplay,weapons, music, achievements, and so on.