Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"

this waz so fuking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very nice! Has a lot of character, and I can tell you put a great deal of work into this game. Amazing game, well rounded, great music, lots of fun. Only thing this game needs is medals, but that's not a huge deal. Keep up the good work!

Rather neat game!

Not bad for a fighting/platformer game! I enjoyed the smooth controls as well as the excellent graphics quite a bit. The effort put into this flash definitely shows, and I've got to congratulate you on that. However, there are a couple of stats that I think should've been added to the upgrade list. For one, the maximum height that can be achieved by jumps, or at least a double jump. There were certain achievements that I couldn't fulfill because I couldn't make the jumps. Also, it would be nice to make Cactus McCoy better able to withstand damage.

ultimate game

this is the best game ever made by man

Good! Effort clearly viewable, salient brawler!

Allow me to say that this is another great example where you really see the love and the effort that are put into this game! The love for small but fine details, good, fitting music and really cool charakters that are actually lively! And the effort of putting so many different foes, weapons into the game, and of creating so many and so different areas!

Okay, this game has ...

- a great atmosphere with ...
..... extremely quick but detailed animated action
..... great tilesets, backgrounds and really fitting music
- a cool, fun story with ...
..... an awesome way of storytelling: Comics!
..... the right amount of jokes'n'slapstick
- an exciting (A)Adventure-brawler gameplay
..... a large variety of foes, weapons, areas
..... many hours of playing for sure!
- a big variety of innovative ideas, as you can find in
..... the story, weapon and foe design
..... the lively moving foe and attack animations


[G] Main Idea & Transfer 7 / 10
Creativity & Innovation 3 / 5

[G] General Style 9 / 10
Graphics & Animations 9 / 10
Music 6 / 7
Sounds 2 / 3

[G] Story 8 / 10
Charakter Design, Dialogues 3 / 5

[G] Gameplay 20 / 25
Hero, Foe, Item Design 6 / 8
Area Mapping 5 / 7

Many, many achievements per area + 3

Altogether: 81 / 100; 8 / 10

(e.g. the world of the game generally / the main idea / the story: sad or happy? / the environment: light, dark, nature, urban? / Well defined Genre or total new gameplay? / New Ideas or Clichees / Presentation, etc.)

(e.g. Tilesets [but not mapping] / Battle Backgrounds / Foe Details / Movement Animations / Music / Attacking Sounds, walking sounds [e.g. snails and crabs at the
beginning of a battle] etc.)

(e.g. Way of Storytelling: Comics, movie sequences, images, texts, narrations / Dialogues / Charakteristics of the Heroes / Realistic Reactions etc.)

(e.g. Area Mapping, Treasure Placing / Weapon Action / Foe & Heroe Design / Puzzles etc.)

Flipline Studios develops indeed great games. They are not only big and offer a stunning large and varied feature arsenal, they also include funny, completely new ideas, bright and happy graphics, really interesting storylines, high quality music and sounds - everything seems PERFECT to me.

There are no games with so lovely detailed intros and all such, but still, the communities of gaming sites on which the Flipline Studios games are submitted rather dislike them. Armorgames and Kongragate users have given a really low score to the games, on Newgrounds they're completely forgotten on the next day.

The gameplay isn't bad, or actually, the games itselfes are very hard to review. Maybe they are also too different than all the other ones, and it seems as if flash was becoming more and more a question of mainstream.

Mainstream. So yeah, read carefully and imagine following: if a rather high-grade-student comes from his difficult and exhausting afternoon lessons back home, it wouldn't be strange if everything he wants at his arrival were tea, cookies and an easy, quick and non complicated flash game to play, before he has to do homework or to study for the next days tests.

It's not that the games are bad. This world doesn't suit for them. Everything except the feeling of the gameplay is perfect - mainstream can't identify itself with the gameplay of Steak and Jake or McCoy Cactus for example. Well, at least it seems to me so.

Business doesn't seen to run (very) well for Flipline studios. And the reason why this is the case may is just unfair.

I myself am a pretty decent gamer and I like to review a few games and to discuss with game authors a bit - but this time, there are not only a few gameplay elements I don't understand - this time there is a whole studio I dont understand - a studio that made so many games from which I know that they're great, although I still can't really enjoy them as an average mainstream guy. But I really don't know why.

If I don't understand the current score, I also like to talk about that.