Reviews for "Cactus McCoy"

I used to love this game

I loved this game everything was great on it and ive been playing it the past few days. Gameplay was simple yet second nature and easy to pick up on, great overall. Had a good challenge to it. However Im pissed to find that it deleted all my work that I had done on it just within the half hour, what the hell!? I was 96% complete too. Major bummer and I dont think I want to start again

Also is there a sequel coming soon?


Great game to play!!

One of the best platformers I seen on NG.

This game is awsome. Great controls, nice amount of weapons, collectibles, and challenges. There's some Cons, but not bad enough to not give 10/10. XD

-Some speed challenges seems too difficult to do, specially Rattlers Ravine and I don't see how Deadridge Railway's is even possible.
-80 badges seems awsome at first, but way too many were "kill X many enemys with Y weapon". It's not bad if it was just ones like TnT barrels kills, the chickens, the squirt gun, pistol shoot pistol weilders, etc. But one for each weapon seems unneeded.
-A boss every few levels would be nice, though not needed.

I don't see any improvements you need to make for a sequel, besides the usual "more levels" thing. XD Maybe a way to recover health would be nice with health upgrades. Maybe even a tumbleweed/dog hybrid companion? :P

If you make any NG medals, might I suggest don't use all the "killing X many enemys with Y weapon" badges for them, just put a "Get all weapon kill badges." medal in their place.

No No No

if it was ragdoll like it would be good

Holy Moley That's a Nice Game

This game has a little bit of Thing Arena (lots of weapons!) inside a beat em up and collection game. I like the challenges in each level as they have a grandiose amount of variety and have a good level of difficulty to them.

The levels and enemies tend to repeat but I like the movement control that Cactus has.

My only knock (have played to Level 8 so intake grain of salt now if I'm wrong) is that you don't have a lot of variety in the rumble/boss areas. It's just defeat sequence of enemies you've fought on the way to there. A big boss with high HP and/or boss specific weapons would have been a nice cherry on the float so to speak.

But that notwithstanding its an awesome game and a favorite of mine now. My goal for spring break will be to get all the badges because I need them stinking badges :D