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Reviews for "The Invisible Trousers"


its really fun but hard to.


Awesome game. Great idea, good, simple graphic, interesting, funny story and awesome music. Similar to Shift, easier, but still tricky. Tha invisible trousers are a bit of impediment, but you can get along with it.


Feel familiar from the first start, like I played something like this before.
All are good.

Very well done but a few bugs

This game had great atmosphere and fantastic music. The puzzles were challenging and in general it was very well put together.

I did fall through the bottom wall in level 17 and got stuck in the black border, though, and had to restart the level. I also had some major issues with the small step platforms - specifically in level 23 -- to the point that I almost didn't finish the game out of frustration.

My character would never seem to "catch" the step even though I was clearly on it. Out of probably 30 times making the big jump to the first step in 23, I probably missed the step 50-60% of the time - though I really feel I was landing in almost the exact location each time. Making those a little more forgiving or at least better fit the graphic would definitely improve gameplay.

Not a Gravity Game or Murder Game...

Nooo, this game is neither, instead, its an AMAZING music game!!!! Lawl. The music rocks, the concept art is interesting. The gameplay is tough. I enjoy it.