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Reviews for "The Invisible Trousers"

"I'm Actually not quite dead.."

It is.. Awesome. Simply awesome.
I just wish you didn't have to play to level 19 to find out which plot you're playing, replay value suffers. I guess I'll never know how James did it.. ^o)

how did he fight crime if he spent his life in tha

but at the end you should have to click on who you think did it and if you're wrong you lose. the puzzles werent too challenging and had nothing to do with the story. should try to connect the clue finding and the puzzles and gameplay better next time. it also would have been nice to have a james did it ending. another thing was it was too repetitive. the only actual clue to who did it was always the weapon and it was reveiled the same way each time. all in all it was ok, but the story line seemed like something you whipped up in a few minuts as an excuse to make the gameplay and puzzles into more of a game. good game. but you should work on the plot and make it more satisfying. actualy make us have to figure it out. one last thing Id like to mention is that the dialog was pretty much the same for every ending. depending on who did it it should end differently. maybe set up for a sequal. 6 out of ten for creative and fun gameplay. but I have to dock some points because the improvements to be made were obvious and many.

helloearthling responds:

Mate, despite your disregard for the shift key, you're totally right. This game was made at speed, but I'll spend more time on a sequel!

Its fun but

Its a really fun game, but a lot of the time i had to restart a level because i ended up getting stuck in the wall somehow

I broke it

do more testing of your physics. I broke the game several times just aimlessly jumping around trying to solve a puzzle.


I've seen better puzzle games, but this one's still fun.