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Reviews for "The Invisible Trousers"

I'm torn

Good music, controls, graphics and humor - but - the payoff wasn't all that great and the puzzles were waaay too easy. Perhaps I'll come back again tomorrow and vote higher after I think about more... maybe not.

good game

you only got an 8 thought because i thought it was kinda short


I was given high expectations with this game, the music, voice over and animation was high quality, yet I was confused as to how the gameplay matched the story line or even what you said your game would be - "Use your brain to work out who the real killer is" (In Author's comments) - I just had to find my way to exit doors, the clues were irrelevant as the team works out who it is by themselves...

I would not score this game low and think that 7/10 is fair as, despite not merging the gameplay with the storyline, your game had all the right elements for a good game.

Its pretty good

I liked the music and what not, but I loved the option to "Not Play"! However, I just played a very similar game here on NG called the Gravity Game. There are differences between the two... but they're essentially the same. This kinda got me down, thus you lost 2 stars.. o well right!?

helloearthling responds:

Aha, you are mistaken! This is not a gravity game, this is a murder game!

Brilliant game. Great humour.

Wacky story with great graphics. Go slow and wait in the talking bits for extra plot gags. laugh out loud. Different plot when you play again. Can we have a sequel soon? I had loads of fun.