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Reviews for "The Invisible Trousers"


awesome author comments.nice game but is not my type of game,but despite that its still awesome.(i dont want to give low score just coz i dont like the concept)


5.... 4 detectives, invisible trousers, and an option Not to play?
Why wouldn't i give this a 10?
+ the music IS good
(and i don't even like platformers....)

Entertaining, glitchy, and repetitive

As I played through the game, it lacked the story it seemed to promise to deliver. But sadly, lacking; I completely agree with Narmolania. The game was also rather glitchy, multiple times, getting stuck in the middle of the wall on the border.

It could have been so much greater

I had a smal problem in one of the stages and watched the walktrough.... there were stages that I did not go trough... why is that? and a lot of times it felt that some of the puzzles were "hardish" but suddenlt, there would have been REALY eazy once... it would have been better if it went from easy to hard, and not so mixed up...

Then there is the stor... The promise of a real detective story was what drew a lot of us in here. it would have been great if some of it were put in the puzzels... like "FINDING" the invisible sledge hammer, and finding some clues and in the end, coming to our own conclusion who was the culprit and sccusing them... or SOMETHING to go with the promised detective story...

I dont know, it might have been just me feeling a bit dissapointed, when even the beginning felt like there would be a story, and not just seemingly pointless puzzels, that most of them, I admit were "cool" but you didint have to use much brains in them....

I cant say I can give you much points for the puzzels because most of them were too easy (only one of them caused me some problems because my sense of directionw as compleateley thrown off in it) but the craphis were goodish, when there were other characters, some of the "ledges" just seemed a bit sloppy, by being things that were just "hovering" there. It felt like it was a game that would have been awsom, but im predicting, that even if it got to the front page, it will be forgotten. why? it realy doesent have replay value(like some detective stories, later on you just want to replay it, and in re experience the game. In good puzzle games, you want to challenge your selve on getting trough the puzzels again, because they were just that much challenging, that some of the key things you did last time, you forgot, and its like playing the game all over again.

I give this game a 5/10. I admit, I had fun for the 15-20 minutes I spend in it, but I wont be coming back to it again.

aw a shame

I thought we were actually going to have to solve the case using the clues you gave us. Music was alright but it got repetetive after a while, only a few of the puzzles were actually that hard, just walked through the rest. Like the invisible stuff, trousers, sledgehammer etc. Good last line, if a bit lacking in drama. It should have been "but the real mystery is... (pause for emphasis maybe zoom in on his "face") why do I have invisible trousers?". It was alright but these games never really struck me as that good.