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Reviews for "The Invisible Trousers"

Good game.

The music is good, the humor is good, the puzzles are great except for the last one, which is just moving straight forward most of the time.


still, good game.

God Damn it!

There is one level, which I can't figure out at all and it's not even shown in the walkthrough! But it's still a good game.


i dont want to sound like a dick but in the game nobody thinks about the dead one murders hisself


Haven't seen a game where i actually use my brain in some time!
Most winner games are just mindless action nowadays...

I gotta say , the idea it's extremely original. I love how you have to solve the gimmicks of the level , since the character attaches to walls , but does not attaches to sharpenned sides. It is truly a masterpiece.

The music...MY GOD the music...That music is one of the most beautifull things i've heard in a flash game , fits PERFECTLY on the game , and it's really nice to hear , and think!!

I gotta say you've impressed me. At first i thought it was going to be another mediocre platformer with unfair challenge. But to my own amusement , it ended up beeing a puzzle platformer , that made you think the movements , rather than your own skill. It was truly a masterpiece of a game. I wish there would be more games like this. Good job.

And , well , i gotta be honest , i don't see much improovement over this. All that could be done are ...Err...Better animations? Nah , the animations are perfect.

It's hard to believe this flash got such low score. Maybe it's because some people just doesn't likes using their brain instead of mindless bashing buttons in an action game.

Definitly a 10/10. Barely perfect.

helloearthling responds:

Thanks for such a positive review! It gives me a kick to hear about people having fun with my own game, so I really appreciate you took the time to write this.