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Reviews for "The Invisible Trousers"

Great piece of work

I have to say this was rather creative and made the game fun with the fact that the bottom part of your body is invisible and you can defy the laws of physics as well!!

The graphics were very simple yet nice at the same time as well to me. The way that you die causes a slight blood spot for a moment as you are recreated and enter the same room is nice too. Like how there is not a lot of dialogue which is good. It is even better that you can skip the dialogue without listening to those people too.

The audio choices were quite nice here. The songs were fitting and added a bit more drama to the story.

The gameplay was great but the only real thing that ever annoyed me in some levels was the inability to duck and dodge spikes. Also kind of sad but interesting how those trapezoid pieces prevent you from walking in a certain direction however you can fall through them.

Overall, an interesting game and story!!

Overall a Great Game

For the most part this is an amazing game. Another great entry in the growing sub-genera of gravity platformers. This really reminds me of "And Yet It Moves" and "VVVVVV," but is distinct enough in gameplay and style to stand on it's down. The weird gravity mechanics are a little tricky to wrap my head around at first, but once I did I was having a ball. Gameplay wise it's nearly flawless, and probably one of the best examples of it's genera in flash. The only trouble I had was the story. The film noir style detective story seemed interesting at first, but it doesn't tie into gameplay at all. Sure there might be some metaphorical connection, like how a case is full of twists and turns, and only when you figure out how all the clues fit together can you progress, (IE puzzle=mystery), but even then removing the story would have changed nothing gameplay wise. Clues are given throughout the game, dropping hints in between level cutscenes, so an easy fix would have been to let the player choose who they thought the murderer was based on the clues given. Still, even with the disconnected story the game is a blast to play and is one of the best platformers to come out this year.

helloearthling responds:

Thanks very much! Good input too, thanks for it all. Noted, should there be a sequel :)

Ingenious gameplay

At first is kind of difficult to get it, but once you do, you see the incredible logic. Great gameplay, congratulations. The best thing about the game was to stick around for the conversations.

TIP: I didn't feel like playing it again to see the other endings, but fotunately I didn't have to. Just return to Menu, click "Play" and then "Load game" and each time you'll see a different ending. You're welcome.


Great and fun game. But after one play through I don't particularly feel like playing it through again just to have a different result.


Fantastic game, but theres a glitch where if your walking on a wall and then try to jump a corner onto the ceiling, you get sucked into the ceiling. Great Game!