Reviews for "Rebuild"

Could use an option to abandon territory you can't defend. Otherwise, this is an excellent strategy game and worth spending a few days on.

I survived 52 days...Not much but they were fun and my opinion on this game:A great and addictive game for tons of reasons even though it gets hard after a couple days.
-A awesome soundtrack that fits the atmosphere of the game
-A lot of areas to scavenge
-I like how you can reclaim any area and re-build it to anything else
-The random events that happen while you defend or just do anything else are interesting
So yeah this game is epic and it gets a 4.5.

can you dim down the difficuly 1% plz

Still love this so much, wonderful gameplay, it's just the right mix, however at every ending I feel "meh", there's something missing, cause at the end you're just doing mop up.

I'm getting my ass kicked on Nightmare mode and loving every minute of it!