Reviews for "Rebuild"

I finished the game by curing the zombies. Although I had both the graveyard and constitution active too. I also had a freaking army of like 70 soldiers also lol. I love this game

got all the endings you can't have a zombie virus and a portal that brings zombies to earth because
that is sic fi and mythical fiction

Once you play this game a little bit, I find you get addicted.

like rebuild 2, this is one of the only ACTUAL survival game on newgrounds.

First, for all those wondering how to get those million score points, don't be in a hurry to see how fast you can accomplish your 4 goals. It seems that around 200 turns with max food and max happiness is the optimum point to finish your game.
Second, the game seems designed to prevent you from conquering all city squares until you have obtained at least 1 objective. I actually found this to be a little irritating as you can spend 50 turns on 1 square with a lot of soldiers and never conquer it.
Third, outside of the drawback noted above, the game is quite an entertaining strategic game. It is one that can be played over and over again with differences each time. I also like the fact that it's not a real time game turn. Of course, as you get good at it, you need less time.
So that's it. I guess from here it's time for me to try your sequel. All the best.