Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Teqneek"

First off I took only 12 days, that's not a month, on the other hand Teqneek took just s long to return his first verse, the only diff was I was sick with a cold, and unable to record for a week and half, that whole time I was in contact with TeqNeek. And I quote" no worries man, but the sooner the better". Teq did not contact me for 10 days until he sent his verse to me. He said the reason was his gear was down.The point is either way Red didn't drop the battle till a month later. Anyways me and teq are cool NO BEEF, and I even have two ft.on his album. Best of luck to Teqneek.
Oh and FUCK YOU PONY TAIL! Kill yourself please.

For me, this was battle of wordplay vs. lyricism. Both had some solid flow and overall good delivery. This was a close battle and it took many listens for me to decide, bu, I'd give this one to Eye-Cue for more effective flips, stronger presence and the humour tip. Teqneek had some good lyrics with sick multis but I didn't think his bars were up to par for a battle; like its cool how many rhymes he has for IQ but I'd prefer content over rhymes. Eye-Cue for the win.

My 8 month old niece has just started talking; she's been talking for about a month now. Precocious, yes, but hardly the point. The point? Within that month, she has probably strung together enough words that a viable battle rap verse could be made.

Eye Cue took about a month for his verses to come out. So the fact that he might have had a couple of good lines is more about probability than it is actual skill, because my 8 month old niece did the same thing.

Vote to Teqneek because Eye-Cue takes two years to write a verse, and shame on Big Red for allowing this travesty to take place on Newgrounds. What a useless tool that guy is.

Teq by a country mile. Teq by a light year. Teq, Teq, Teq. I hope Eye-Cue messes up Mark's tournament, too.

fucccck, good battle. i honestly thought teq was going to win this, but after listening, i think eye-cue took it. "beating you single-handedly like def leppard's drummer" ha good stuff

Teq - barely - his vocals were too quiet.