Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Teqneek"

Regardless of the 6 years it took to get this thing out to you guys, I think this is a dope battle and I'm looking forward to the accompanying vid Red said he was gonna release alongside this thing.

And OF COURSE I think I won, lol. By a longshot. The voting is close (and I figured it would be), but I feel like I gave Eye-Cue a lyrical beatdown. His best line was a pre-written filler bar about Def Leppard...

PEACE! May the best man win!

I mean, I don't even wanna vote because Teqneek is probably gonna claim I'm bias, which is fair enough. I'd give it to Eye-Cue though for what its worth.

this is probably not the best performance ive seen from either of these dudes in all fairness, but i would say in my opinion that Eye-Cue took this easy.

teq has the same content he uses for everyone he battles, a few generic name disses and then just a bunch of multis to cover up the fact that he has very few actual battle bars in there.

while eye was maybe not coming with the most insane shit ive ever heard, he was steadily attacking. the most clever shit teq said was flipped from eyes bars, and his rhymes werent even as complex as they can be on occasion.

vote, Eye-Cue

This is TIGHT! I love it. My vote goes to AxTekk.
Okay just kidding.
Unbiased vote goes to Eye-cue.

"TEQ is just an acronym for Testicle Eating Queer" - Eye-Cue

LOL, good battle, both mcs came wit it, its a difficult decision.


Eye-Cue = Nice work on maintaining flow, in some areas you did slip off a bit but it isnt that bad. What stuck out to me most in this verse was the metaphor to beef in your teeth. Didnt really hear punches and the rhyme schemes/insults were a bit generic.

Teq = Your flow was a little awkward, which takes some points off. I liked your choice of rhyme schemes and multisyllabics which makes up for the awkward flow. What stuck out to me most in this verse was: Eye-cue didnt pass high school. I liked your range of vocal levels as well. Your verse displayed more creativity than just calling eachother pussy and gay


Eye-Cue = Your flow slows down in the second round making it easier to understand what your saying. I can sense you came back harder in the second round. What stuck out to me most was the comparison to immortal TEQ. Dig the rigid flow

Teq = Hands down, I think teq takes the W here. You excelled in all aspects of judging (flow, content, delivery, style, voice)

Teqneek for the Win

Props to Eye-Cue though, hes dope too