Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Teqneek"

Both rappers have great flow, but I didn't feel like either had very personal punches or hard hitting comebacks. Even so, Eye-Cue had some really clever lines (Def Leppard's drummer) and the Godzilla/mozzarella rhyme was pretty crafty. Nice doubletime too.

Teqneek wasn't bad but some of his lines didn't seem very well thought out. Like every else that battles him he makes one too many lines about Eye-Cue's name.
"Where you find that dying is quite brutal and I rule."
Seriously? Three syllables short and you fill it with that?
The epitome/epiphany line had potential but "I don't think Eye-Cue ever made it through highschool" really isn't a strong follow-up, and it's not much of an epiphany either.

Eye-Cue wasn't without his faults, either. Seemed like he just wanted to be offensive all the time without saying much that was actually relevant to Teqneek.

Overall my vote goes to Eye-Cue for (slightly) more wit and more captivating flow.

Lmao yeah, the beat kinda isn't by Dureagon :P

Gonna play this through a few times before voting, sick barz tho

I believe Eye-Cue has a solid flow and a great amount of disses my favorite was

Ill beat you with arm just like deaf leppards drummer!

Honestly Teqneek has a unique style but im not a big fan and sometimes its harder to understand his lines.