Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Teqneek"

Both of you did excellent, making the vote hard. Eye-Cue has a better voice and had some excellent lines, like "thumping you with your bible verse", "immortal teqneek" and the def leppard thing which was already mentioned. Speaking of, I really liked the godzilla/mozzarella rhyme.

But honestly the content of Teq's verses is much better. I was getting tired of all of Eye-Cue's gay lines, which felt really played out, and I really enjoyed Teq calling him out on that. Teq's lines felt more directed and relevant. The high point was definitely Teq calling out "epitome" and later "louisville," which was hilarious.

Vote: Teqneek.

Verse 1 - Eye-Cue - Lyrics are OK, but much like the rest of this tournament I felt Eye-Cue is a better emcee normally than his performance in this tournament. I think his flow is off on this song, and it might just be the beat.
Verse 2 - Teqneek - Sounds much more comfortable and relaxed on this beat.
Verse 3 - Eye-Cue - Flow is clearer, but it still feels like hes slower yet trying to go faster. I almost feel as if
Verse 4 - Teqneek - Irony line was actually very sick I only am acknowledging it on my third listen and the subsequent 4th because I think Teq took this clean 2-0 but I put off reviewing it.

Look I see a lot of votes for Eye-Cue but, I am like 99% sure Teq took this in two. Problem is I think EYe-Cues style sounds better rehearsed or at least less cramped sounding. I could tell he had the capability of going in on Teq. Like I think if Eye-Cue was more confident, and maybe just out rapped Teq with all double time or anything where he could stretch his veteran card over Teq. Overall doe I think this isn't Eye-Cues best performance, and Teqneek was on his baloni sandwich swag all over his face. Flow on the riddim but, Teq was more melodic on the beat. So all Eye-Cue was really doing was gasing between the lines so the gas sticks out instead of the syllables. Bar for bar gotta give it to Teqneek. I think in our fantasy rap league if Teqneek could do this type of performance he'd have success, and for Eye-Cue just know you did really well however Teqneek might have to sell if he doesn't get to win at least once in life so don't feel to bad.

TLDR: Teqneek 2-0

lyrics, style and flow - teq

sound - eye-cue

seeing as though its a rap battle and the sound of the performance shouldn't matter i think it was a clear win for teq, eye-cue has some great stuff but once i could get past the fact that teq verses sounded...well...just fucking weird...its a clear win

vote: teq

Fuckin' hell, way to make it hard, lads.

Eye-Cue - Your voice sounds really good on Ax' beats, and your flow (while a little off in places in your second verse) is always great to listen to. You got some great punches in, but "Epitome" and "Louize-Ville" brought me right out of the mood for a second there. Still, you came with some great disses and your levels are better than Teq's. I loved "Awesome ends with Me and Untalented starts with You", that shit is genius!

Teq - I love your flow, and your schemes, but it sounded like you were spitting your verse through a sock or something compared to Eye-Cue's mixes. Even so, you had some good flips, jumping on the mis-pronounced stuff and weaving words together while still keeping that cool you display on a track with such ease. Your flow was spot-on and didn't sound over-loaded or like you were rushing to cram any extras in.

Can I vote for Ax? The beat was fuckin' gorgeous!

No? Okay, well then I gotta give it to Teq (only just, this was a great final battle).

After several listens to this battle. I am voting for Teq. I liked Eye's flow and delivery, just his aggressive attacks weren't relevant. Great battle people, and great tournament, wish I had at least a fraction of all emcees talents. I would be competing. Again vote for Teq.