Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Teqneek"

yo yo yo this is sick I wish I could make tracks like this (lots of swearing but that Is what I like)keep it up bro

As far as the battle goes, I felt that Teq was the better opponent.

I don't really care for the beat (Ax is a great producer, I can't wrap my head around the keys used in the track.) but the MC'ing makes up for it.

you guys are both awesome... and its hard to call, but im gonna give this to Eye-Cue

This was a really hard battle to decide on, both of you guys went really hard.
I'd love to give my vote to both of you, but Teqneek wins my vote by an inch.

I gotta give it to Teq on this one, yo. They both had sick riffs, but Teq's voice is the attention-getter on the track.

Great work by all, though!