Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Teqneek"

This was a bad ass battle for sure! Both of you guys are my homies so it really is hard for me to choose a winner. Eye-Cue had that aggressive flow while Teq had the more laid back flow and I think both of those flows complimented each other well. Both had some very nice flips as well! After listening to this battle a few times, I think I'm gonna have to give it to Eye-Cue by a hair. Whoever wins this battle will definitely deserve to be the champ. There are no weak links here and I wouldn't be surprised if Teq wins.

Vote: Eye-Cue

For as much time as this battle took to make you would've thought both mc's would've brought some sick bars and id say both had there few of mediocre bars but eyecue seriously using a gay insult was the saddest waste of filler that could be used but both had there generic disses but id say teq took this with his only flip that really hit at all for sure tho eyecue has the better flow but no depth all self hype pure nonsensical bars and teq brought mostly the same but he at least rebutted better and got the closer

Winner: Teqneek

No such thing as a tie!?!? it was hard cause both had the lines necessary to jab with before the main punch line. Line a build up of trash talking or subtle trash talking. either way both had great delivery and execution. and both had great offense once the new round started.(Second verse). Damn. This sucks. uhhhhhh. Dude I've been sitting here in this review for like 18 minutes listening to a couple tool songs... great for over thinking. I listened to this a few times. I'd say Teqneek won by the skin of his teeth. although after listening to it Eye talked more often negatively but not really why. Teq did more often. that's what made this decision for me. if it counts lol... besides that great beat.

I gotta give this to my man Teq, his verses just sat better with me.

Good battle lads, same time next year?

The second verse of Eye-cue was better, there is nothing else to say, that is just how it is.