Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2.5"


its finnally here after 1 year of waiting its finally here!!!


What was with the ending? Or is there multiple endings?

Don't have time to play through again Dx

Good game though, as good as the last ones :)

To naphaneal

the gold is lus=t because each piece is representing how you got it and the code to the box where you found the gold piece was on a sexy womons back therefor lust hope this helps if you see it.

i have no tips on the game it was amazing but i hope to see another one... the ending was very sad lol i love point and click games and this one was above many i have seen.


I got one crazy ending "diabolist" XD
I learned allot! Though will there be more like this?
I loved the logic puzzles too. I loved it so much I will play it again
specially because it reminds me of kings quest multiple types or puzzles.

keybol responds:

Yes there will be more of Belial!


not as good as the others but 10 all the same