Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2.5"

Here we go again

This was not as good as the previous one I played, and that's not just because this has yet to have medals. It was still very enjoyable because the animation was as good as ever. I was kind of hoping Lilith would give me some more help. It was weird how I was able to find so many materials just floating around, but I could not use any of them! If you are going to use the walkthrough, I do not think there is much point in using the essences. I was not able to gain anything from the hints, either.

It is good to see this character back and have him (or should I say, the player) interact with the world around him. I like the notion of going into your own ear. I have always been fascinated by recursion. It's a bit of a bummer how he can not use his powers, but it's great there is so much detail put into these characters. I have no clue what to expect next.


That was good, but the end was unexpected. Who was THAT guy now?


So, they are addin onto from chapter 1. idk if anyone remembers, but chapter 1 had 2 endings. This is the result of ending 2 to chapter 1.


wtf is this? is it the true ending? or have got some another endings?
nice game x]