Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2.5"


I loved the prev. parts, and I love this one. Apart from the fact that this is a theme I really enjoy, I think you managed to make a balanced point ´n click-game; It´s not too hard yet you have to think a little, everything seem to be kind of logical and you can find the stuff you need without scanning the areas millimeter by millimeter with your mouse.
The graphics and the story is enjoying (and so are the details, like the fact that the mailprogram is called "Inlook").
I find myself in the same state of joy and curiosnes as I felt with Larry and Treepwood a long long time ago.
So, after this can you deny me the next episode as fast as possible?
P.s. what´s the book for?

Not really what i intended on.

Ok Beliar is not some bitch Demon nor does he have any relation to baal. He is one on the four kings of hell ( North ) and serves as the ( Lawlessness ruler ) He Governs mankind through lies, lust and wealth. Matanbuchus.

cool.. ending?

this is cool like the previous one. But does it matter which answers to give the questions, or will it be the same ending no matter what?

you can pm me, if it's a big deal


The Director B ate my burger...and it disappeared...

keybol responds:

it's not a glitch

Filipino Animation, Sweet!

Manila Paper + Explosive Powder + Blasting String = One good ol' Pla-Pla, pilipines powerful firecracker!