Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2.5"

It's OK.

It was oookk....not as good as Chapter 2(the previous one). It was kind of hard but you can solve it on your own. And the other thing is why were they killed I really didn't understand. Why? And the scenario was like "cramped". I think it could have been better.


rubixcube ima filipino too! Pero hindi ako marunong pag tagalog. This game is so awesome wish you could make more of these!


This is more of a puzzle game rather than a click n find adventure.


Do you die no matter what ending you choose?


whats the point of the game if i die anyway in the end?

Nce one

I' am a Filipino too. I loved the games of Belial. It really was hard for me but it is entertaining and fun. BTW isn't that explosive in the Philippines illegal?