Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2.5"

Great game

can't wait for the next chapter
the puzzles were hard and a bit confuzing,REALLY enjoyed the puzzles they are so good took me 47 mins to finish the game

about the missunderstanding of Belial 2 and 2.5,these follow different endings
in Belial 1 there are 2 ENDINGS so those chapters aren't connected so far they follow the story in different directions

good game but...

it needs a quality button because it lags sometimes on my laptop.

belials mind is in himself, hes not going with his entire body in his body. lilith brings his mind into his, but why had he then to start at his ear? anyway, because he wasnt really in his own body (only his mind was) he and lillith got killed. i hope theres a way to resurrect him.

after chapter two, belial goes back to earth to get to his true form. but how has he escaped from limbo?

The ending is confusing

This is a hard puzzle game. I wish you'd make it easier.

The ending is indeed confusing because how can satan kill him when he's inside his own heart? How did Satan even enter belial. What happened after Belial 2? I thought he's somewhere with some dude. Didn't he unleash his form already since he collected all the forks?

Overall and again, hard puzzle and confusing ending.
Gameplay was nice and overall that's it.

I hope Belial 3 would come out. Also, why is the devil girl lying on the floor when there's no blood on her? Also, why isn't there medals unlike in Belial 2?


DAMN SATAN HE KILLED HIM!!!he just got his true form and WHAM!Is that skull guy up to summit?In the third do somethin like revive him or summit.Did lilth die?.....Damn satan and stuff.Nice game.Puzzles a bit confusin tho,but hey that makes a great game :D


i played and finished it before but whens belial 3 coming out?!