Reviews for "Belial Chapter 2.5"

explanation for you people

this is the event where belial chooses to turn into baal in belial 1 so in other words this is the continuation of it get it??? and the guy who threw the trident is satan.


MM boring maybe for people with nothing to do

not sure what to do. boring.

this game

is good but some flaws as there were no glow points when i played had to redo everything and also the dam egg beater wouldnt come off the wall maybe some glitches to fix i would have given better if it werent for those

Very Interesting...

Great But What Happend to Belials Finger Waving as He Controls Items? This Was a Bigg Part Of The Games "CHARM" For Me.

It is very good but also hard as hell !

Must try and try again but maybe i´ll finish it !