Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Slow and frustrating.

While the graphics are nice and there is some degree of customization with regards to the amount of moves there are several problems that I can see with the game.

The main problem is that enemies are not affected by your combos, meaning that they can attack half way through it and usually do. The amount of exp required to unlock new combos is tedious to acquire and requires grinding. Something that while expected in an RPG is not expected in an action game. I know that this is intentional so that people without the patience will just buy the upgrades using MochiCoins. However the fact that it takes five combos to take down a normal enemy coupled with the fact that you constantly have to wait for them to get back up and then they barely give any exp is just ridiculous. The fat boss is too difficult even on easy due to the constant mobs spawning, and the fact that one hit takes away almost half of your life-points.


I like the concept, art, and basic gameplay. I like the music, menu design, sfx, and upgrade system. The gameplay does get repetitive, and forcing you to play 8 levels just to get faster exp is not really a good idea to me. The cutscenes take forever to watch, since somehow I have to wait 2 minutes to let the next segment of text appear. I dislike having to spend 20 seconds on 1 minion for a measly amount of exp and health. I dislike how weak the gun is. I dislike how difficult it can be to get exp. I dislike the cost of blades and the cost of the one upgrade to speed up the process of killing and gaining exp; the fury punch.
The only way to get any decent amount of exp in a decent amount of time is by using the fury punch thing, so it should be cheap. I dislike the broken English in some parts.

Basically, this game has potential, but that potential will not be realized until you decide to drastically shorten the amount of time it takes to gain exp. I don't want an easier game, I want a game that I could feasibly beat in a day. Maybe you could raise the enemy attack frequency or damage, and lower their health.


Boring, repetitive, and loses points for pandering. When will developers learn that demos and games that suck without paying for "points" aren't very welcome to the flash gaming community? If we wanted to pay for video games we wouldn't be wasting time with SNES -esque graphics and sub-par gameplay. Keep flash gaming free.

Funnaut responds:

You don't need to pay anything. You fight, you earn exp, you spend exp to upgrade. Mochicoins is just an option.

Great game!

There are references to Full Metal Alchemist - in a sense. The game has good tracks, good gameplay, graphics are not too bad plus a good shop (even tho its hard at the start). The bosses are abit too powered - Maybe making them weaker is an option.


This might just be me, but is the fat boss supposed to be impossible to beat? I mean, I understand the trick. He starts panting, heavy attack, he falls down and is ready to be pummeled on for a few hits. But seriously, this is IMPOSSIBLE to do with the other thugs constantly respawning. Then, between them and the boss, I really couldn't do it.

Enemies are way too strong and, in a game where combo is encouraged, you knock enemies down way to easily, so your combo ends at 5. Your grammar could use a little work. Plus, try and incorporate some way to progress the text during cut scenes.

But despite these minor flaws, I still thought the game was exceptional. It was fun and I liked the ability to switch between fist/blade and your gun. Good game play, good graphics, great customization. Overall, excellent game.