Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Gutter Trash

This game has redeeming qualities. The graphics are impressive, the design is nice, and the moves are cool. BUT...the sounds are obnoxius; constantly yelling YEAH with high punch is not cool or funny! The bosses are ridiculous; their HP is incredibly high, their moves do tons of damage, there is barely any opprutunity to HIT them without them punishing you and, to cite the previous arguement, AND they keep making annoying and horrid sounds( Fat Boy going HAHAHAHAHA every 5 seconds)! Lastly, and this is my biggest arguement: Basic Enemies are laughably retarded, taking forever to get up, and and being so easy, the incredibly difficult bosses make for frustrating and undesirable difficulty spikes. All in all: 3 out of 10. Gutter Trash.

Your name says it all...

This game right here is fun as hell but two things:

1.) A walkthrough for the big robot, I had to rely on tons of green and blue vials to survive it and I know that's not your intention.
2.) A walkthrough for the final boss, his berserk mode is tooooooooooo difficult to defeat.

This here is...

This is the best RPG game in flash i have ever seen in my whole life.PERIOD

This right here, this makes me happy.

This game is excellent. It's on par with if not better than the old fighting games for the NES. I think I now have a fall-back game for when my dad is hogging the X-Box.


The gameplay is good, the combos work pretty well, but the enemies took quite long to get up once floored and some of the jumps you had to make were pretty hard.. I had to use the gun arm to help me get up there