Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"


I like the Fullmetal-ish theme - nevermind if it was unintentional.
While the game was challenging, it wasn't too hard and overall very enjoyable to play.
I'd really like to see more games like this one.


One of the best things on newgrounds in a while grate time killer XP

I love it

Dude its amazing lol


Nice game. I love the parring tactic but with the lag in game is hard to do it right.

Frustratingly repetitive

How many sticks of dynamite does it take to kill a guy? Does my gun fire paintballs? do those flying stars recharge 0.1% of my health at a time? Why does it take 5 full combos or 40 punches to kills one minion? You can't even combo the muscle guys half the time without getting beat down. I bought 2 power ups, and they seem to slow down the process even further - why do I have to jump 2x before I can do a downward kick? Why do the power moves seem even weaker than regular punches? What a waste of time.