Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Hard and monotonous

Enemies took forever to die, health was very easy to lose and very hard to get back, and even when you were winning it came down to "bash your two attack keys". I don't know if having new weapons would have helped, they were too expensive without spending actual cash, which I'm not really interested in doing for an ostensibly free game that isn't much fun without pay content.

Great idea, and you can really do something with this, but it needs more options.

Failbrawler is fail

Boss / Thug enemies are pointlessly difficult to defeat. For a game based in creating combo strings, there are way to many enemies immune to combo stunlock-- this is especially annoying when they can break your animation frames with their unblockable attacks.

Abilities for your character are absurdly overcosted-- intentionally, I expect, so that buying the mochigames items seems appealing.

Art is good enough, I guess, if generically anime.

On top of that, another opportunity for Mochigames to pretend they have a business model. Screw off, flash games aren't worth money.

Fun while it lasted

The game was overall really fun, I enjoyed pulling off combos that I never unlocked and just achieved by button mashing J and K. The main problem with this I think is too much going on at once. I mean, you got the special moves that cost energy you never knew about, the combos that you never memorized, the bosses that can literally take off half of your health in one hit and you cant do jack about it. The progression was entertaining and addictive, don't get me wrong. However its the same kind of fight, with different-looking enemies each, and it simply way too boring to spam JK as you watch the enemies stand back up again... and again... and again... Oh, last thing, is the "gun". If they proceed to make a super hi-tech cyborg super solider, wouldn't they at least attach something more powerful than a pea shooter? Frankly, that thing is only good for getting combos Xs.

Bit tedious

*Nice graphics
*Nice and easy combo system, good for pick up and play

*Enemies can't be attacked when knocked down, and they take ages to stand back up again. So you spend most of your time waiting to knock them down again. I'd suggest making them just get back up quicker.

Funnaut responds:

There are several skills which let you attack enemies who are knocked down. You just need to learn the skills and enjoy chasing punchings after they are down. Thanks.

Nicely work

still hope there can be an inprove