Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

A fairly awesome FIGHTING GAME

Frankly speaking the game is well made. As a some 20 year exp gamer I can see there are a lot of works have been put into it.

Graphics beautiful. Long time no see such nice pixel artwork. The framerate's high, it means a sec animation uses more frames, hardwork buddy.

Run and hit are smooth, and there are a lot of visual effects inside (the particle effect, red, green and blue balls fly into your body). With all that the game is still smooth, very tiny code then.

Seems they carefully designed all the systems in game as I feel the game's balance. You earn exp and learn skills and you began more powerful, reasonable I assume, and I like it.

Keep rocking Funnaut!


A really good game. I just found the text a bit slow =/


great game can be a little difficult but good fun regardless

Petty good.

The fighting did get repetitive and a little boring but the arcade style and upgrades made it more interesting.

Potential +

Overall this is a good flash game, as some others have noted the combos don't really do anything and grinding is slightly required to get the good abilities, etc. Overall I think that's it's an OK game, sure it could use some fine tuning and a few areas could do with a bit more than that but still, it's a flash game. It's fun and you have this gamer satisfied. Good job!