Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

man this game is hard

i played this game on another site already but it is awesome the boss levels are a bit hard though due to having to fight a horde of enemies and THEN the bos especialy the final one were you have to fight the hardest minions and then the hardest boss

The game is fun

and I do know if it is my computer but there is A LOT of lag is there any way that I can fix this? As for my game review this is a really great game and it is worth playing for a while if you have enough free time on your hands give it a shot it is definitely entertaining :)


A great game
I love beat em ups/fighters
i like the arrange of arm transformations and alot of upgrades!
the mochi coins upgrades are cool to.
I really like the wide arrange of combos though!
Im gonna get the premiun version once its out!

Decent game

Seems like a demo. Didn't get far.
I hate games that make battles so long because the enemies keep getting knocked down. Sure it's good if there's lots of guys, but I just hate waiting. I could do a combo and NOT knock them down, but than i'd get hit.