Reviews for "Unwanted Visitors A"


amazing,epic,awesome storyline,well made and truely what sticks are all about. unlike mr eblanc i think the music fits perfectly. i loved the ones by paul beattie and drifts but the others were also very epic. keep doing what you do best guys

See this, Entanglement 2 makers?


You give your stick a REASON to beat up enemies, you make those enemies different from your protagonist in more than color, you give a setting that makes sense, and you have him do more than just fist-fight. The protagonist here runs, plants bombs, shoots guns, and is put through a variety of different situations. It may be easy to dismiss that because "oh, it's a collab, of course they're going to be different," but the differences here are a million times more clear than what they were in Entanglement 2. I could nitpick about a couple of things like rock music being rather overdone or the lack of a proper resolution to some collab scenes, but they don't matter to me right now because it does too much right to bash its wrongs.

10/10 for originality, versatility, and fluidity.

Very good

There's just one problem. The different movies didn't fit well with each other.

Nice dude

I hear u have used half life 2 sounds:D nice animations 2. 10 stars for u.

not bad

good work