Reviews for "Unwanted Visitors A"

very nice

Iike it

Dude Awesome

Really love the graphics and awesome music


aMAZing!! i luv stick men action!!! the music was great!

Great work

Too bad not everybody was credited under "Author & File Information". My favorite part would have to be the animation done by Pluto. His part seems to have the animation that contrasts the most with the other people's. I really liked the stinger, especially how the guy didn't just sit there and get eaten but actually killed those guys. Some animated parts were better than others, but overall, everyone did a great job on this. It is amazing how much depth and different features you can give stick figures.

The music was extremely good and that made the dialogue in the stinger so effective. There was so much going on it was hard to keep track. The transition scenes were a little hard to follow, like how you showed a giant octopus monster and then a guy shooting green guys. Whatever the purpose, the randomness makes it more interesting. All of the stick figures have unique designs and roles.

Great Job

I loved your cuts early on. Something about how you cut and move the camera really appeals to me. I only gave you an 8 because I can't find it in myself to give a 9 or a 10 to a short that has no real character other then (some random badass) and no character change. But great job man.

And sorry about giving you an 8 when everyone else gave you 10s. If it helps I feel guilty about it. lol

p.s. find a transition for the music change you suddenly pull on us in the middle, you're better than that. :-)