Reviews for "Unwanted Visitors A"


i really liked it, but i did not like the music for this animation hehe :P


just badass


Nice animation + nice song of atreyu ;)

It was... okay...

Terrible music choice... You should never pick a band that sounds like every other piece of shit band out there... That's my opinion, but the animation was alright, i've seen a lot better but whatever. (Did not intend for that last bit to ryhme xD )

Wait a sec...

Why is that guy fighting with a pulse rifle from aliens? I mean that's cool shit and all, but couldn't he use a real gun? I mean I fucking love the pulse rifle but it sort of derives from the modern feel from it being from Aliens. I guess i can get the joke using a gun from aliens to fight aliens, but you should have given him a modern weapon, but still this is cool shit.