Reviews for "Unwanted Visitors A"

1rst 1, too slow

The first colanorators animation whas too slow wich made it less dinamic.


freakin funny ending, but paul b did better

Hot damn!



why did the alien shot an big laser but when it land on the ground it shinkSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

but the movie is great

I never did like sticks

But Paul B and Drift really do a fantastic job.

great collab all the artists have great styles and the composition of the different scenes was very well put together.
The sound quality was excellent and I found the score to be fitting to the pace of the flash.

I really like Paul B's style and can tell he pays alot of attention and time into putting as much detail in to the animation and scene, amazing detail on the vehicles and weapons, and does a great job with the stick characters considering sticks having traditional lack of detail.
The same is true of Drift, I can tell from the monster in his main entry that his art style is highly detailed as well and on par with Paul B's. I prefered his entry that was after the credits as more of the characters had faces, the lack of faces and expression on traditional sticks is generally what bothers me about this medium.

all in all great flash collab keep up the good work guys.