Reviews for "Unwanted Visitors A"


I will tell you the same thing as everybody else, it would be better if not for the stupid stick people. Anyone can draw stick people, all they do is cheapen it. If you can draw detailed people doing this kind of stuff, I would be impressed, but instead you use do the lazy thing to do and use stick people.


I thought this whole flash was great with not just action, but with a little bit of comedy here and there. I actually let out a smirk in that last scene. Great job people, you actually know how to make sticks become epic. :D


4 for the music


I like how the first one has HL2 sound effects, lightsaber sound effects, ALIEN pulse rifles, and a jump scene like HALO. Kudos.


i really like that you used atreyu you really can't go wrong very nice for the vid