Reviews for "Unwanted Visitors A"

Wow. That was awesome.

I just wonder, why everybody gives this a low score. Same on Fluidanims. Seriously.

From all the animations included in here, I think it's overall fantastic. It may be nothing new, or original, but it's obviously got some amazing effects and unique backgrounds. The action is amazing, and the way the lasers fall down (from Paul.B's part) and when the ship opens is utterly awesome and cinematic. Pluto has a beautiful, unique way of animating, Drifts is a HARD-MOTHERFUCKING-CORE animator with loads of cinematic pulls and punches, Paul.B is very detailed and powerful with the reactions of attacks and explosions, and Stund is fast, cunning and effective with his stick figures.

I just love this animation. 10 out of 10 for me.

Really liked it

And for the people who are saying this is crap because of invalid reasons (yes I'm talking to you legancynesferatu) let me explain something quick. Yes it might be stick people, but no its not like they took any less time into doing things as other artists. And on another note, no its not lazy to use stick people. If you look at a collab like this, as in the main point of it, it would be better to use stick people because using detailed people wouldn't fit the constant plot/character change. Doing that would take a ridiculous amount of time with getting all the features to move correctly. And with stick people with detailed everything else around them, the point is clearly expressed in the use of an easier model to focus on.

8 for the animation.

Alright, I'll give it a solid 8 for animation. You lost two points for a simple reason.

In all the collabs that I have seen, none of them have a story that flows at all. It's just a theme, and then random thoughts based on that theme.

It would be better if say, everyone in the collab got a certain part of the story, like a certain long hallway, an open street, and the alien ship. The only rules would be that the character starts the scene by moving into the area empty handed, and leaves empty handed, has similar powers or just normal human abilities, and same color.

Another idea is to have each animator have multiple characters that play actual roles in working together. Transitioning between them could be solved with just some sort of phones and a few quick lines of text, or a task bar, which gets crossed out as each animator has a character finishing that task. Driving enemies out of the city, preventing new ones from coming in, bringing the bomb to the enemy base/ship, etc.

So basically, I can't really tell you how to improve animation, but it could be a lot better with just a little bit of teamwork. Something as simple as having one character at the end of the scene saying "center of city is secure. How are the borders?" and having the next animator say "We're being overrun!" before getting right back into the action could really make a difference.

I just want to see collabs be more...team-effort based. It may seem so simple that it doesn't make a difference, but it does. The animation and fight scenes are good, not much to fix there.


im sorry to say this but Paul B did the best with both the music mix with action and i like seeing the anger on the guys faces like. Paul's mostly gave meaning for me

Not bad...

But, as is usually the case, the stick figure animation detracts from the feel of the whole thing.

Other than that, although collabs are always nice, they should be better thought out - the story doesn't run well at all. What happened to the pink one-eyed monster.The mother ship turns into a fleet of small craft and then turns back again. When doing a collab like this, you should have the script written first and then ascribe everyone a piece, or at least animate one after the other so that you can see what has been done so far. It is a shame, 'cause I'm sure a lot of work and a lot of skill went into this, and it could have been so much better very easily and incredible with more effort put into the artwork.

TeamXHawk responds:

Yes, there is a small flaw in the plot there. Thing is this collaboration is also a competition, therefore we can not have it scripted out. StickPage Tournament is a competition-collab.