Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"


I really liked this game, is a very original concept but it became boring, also the movement of the heroes is really dumb, the gold is useless in many cases i didn't like that.
Also the ending music was really awesome xD

REminds me of dungeon Maker for the psp

How i love dungeon makers. This is reminded me how much it was :D. Thx you for bringing back one of my favourite games ^_^


nice idea, great creative
too bad i get bore after repeat 4 times


XD just pure.... AWESOME


This is one of the most unique flash games I have ever played, the concept of building your own dungeon for adventures is awesome. I love the concept, RPG element, and game-play. But I have a few minor suggestions such as choosing what adventurers go in, and making it so adventurers DON'T get replaced if die for the extra challenge.