Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"


It's an enjoyable game and all, but my main issue is that you can't control which direction youre characters will move if the road splits. I know that it's obvious to just make a single path that connects all the roads, but still... Another issue is that after they would kill a monster, they would turn around for no reason, walking the entire path again wasting time.

ok let me go over this

where as it was a decent game there are points which you could brush up on i am no expert to say the least but i have played a lot of games in my years of playing anything i can get my hands on not bad but you need to work a bit harder it coulda been better and a great game maker can find where it could stand improvement i look forward to playing another of your games soon

it was cool

i liked the dragon and fighting and stuff
moar levls ololol
ajajajaja but no rly taht was fun

Very Nice

This game is pretty fun, make the path the characters go, they fight monsters and you get cash. Sort of like a tower defense game, except you are the one sending the adventurers out to attack the monsters instead of waiting for them to come and attack you. The random layout can be a bit annoying, especially when there are tons of traps you cannot remove, but I suppose that's part of the challenge. If you're thinking sequel, perhaps upgrading the characters a bit more in-depth next time around and the a bit more classes. And perhaps for a bit more challenge, class specific equipment? Otherwise though, it was a lot of fun, enjoyed the little ending at the end. Too bad there aren't any medals for this, I got the platinum score when I finished at 23 days. ^_^

Stops on Firefox

I'm using Firefox 3.6.13. The Delete Dungeon or Continue screen is as far as I can go. Clicking the Delete button does nothing.

I'm sorry, but I have to Zero a game I can't play.