Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

ending song

i want the song at the end of the game

awesome game

I beat the game in 33 days in about 30 minutes sequel please btw an awesome song!

LOL i fail

i beat it in 50 days (SHUT UP TROLLS!)
and beat it with only one character in the map (a lvl 19 rogue)
awesome game

geuss who just got the platinum rating!? (22 days)

geuss who has a big problem if he doesn't get up early tommorow? while it's 00:13 technically tommorow
geuss who loved this game?


seriously though
really great game, so addicting and challenging though if you make a sequel (I'm kinda expecting a sequel,) I hope you'll allow us to automatise the item system, 'cause it's a bit of a bother to sell stuff fast enough while it disapears if your stock is overfilled,
I think this thing would be a great hit on the app store

Platinum Rating!....Blah

A peculier game where one has to carefully construct a dungeon to lead his or her heroes through, fighting monsters and having them reaturned injured scores you more gold to open up new levels quicker, its a risky balance of stepping over enough traps without running head first into a monster that will kill your adventurer. So build to help your heroes, but don't help them 'Too' much, that health potion they step over might cost you a nice chunk of gold.

Pros: Fun concept, not very complicated with some neat gameplay features, lots of different classes to play about with, game moves quite quickly and isn't to difficult over all.

Cons: Unfair 'Random' Generation - When I got to floor 15 a few times, the Dragons 4-cube linked off into many-many traps which did far to much damage and killed my small party of one or two who got down there every time. I worked hard to get a Platinum rating, and when I got it, was met with the same ending and same aweful song, there was no sense of accomplishment for getting it. Some of the classes just suck, Barbarian for example just gets owned to quickly, the lack of control over what party member you get is annoying also. An upgrade to this game would be awesome with many many new floors, monsters, classes, items and inventories and twists, turns.

Good game all in all.